Martin Smith - Back To The Start

Album God`s Great Dance Floor - Genre: Other - View 1296

                                      Album `God`s Great Dance Floor` (Martin Smith)

Waiting for You
Be my rescue
Find me
Bring me out alive
I will surrender

    Back to the start
    Where You found me
    I give You my heart again
    Take everything
    I`m all I can bring
    I`m coming home again

Savior save me
Darkness leave me
Healer burn away this pain
Hold me
I`m a fire I`m note a flame
(back to *)

I give You my heart again

    I`m coming back to the start, to the start
    I`m coming back to You
    I`m running back to Your heart, to Your heart
    I`m running back to You

You never stop loving us
No matter how far we were
You never give up on us
All of heaven shout
Let the future begin

A feel alive
I come alive
I am alive
On God`s Great dance floor

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Artist: Martin Smith
Title: Back To The Start
Album: God`s Great Dance Floor
Genre: Other


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