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CAPTIVATED                           (Sidney Mohede)
1=E  4/4  8Beat  Tempo=70-75    Album `Captivated` (TW / 2006)

Jesus You You hold the world with You unfailing love
The heaven sings Your praises from above
In You name lips shall praise and knees shall bow

Father You the universe exalts in who You are
The stars declare Your wonder far and wide
How majestic is Your love Through out my  life

Reff :
           In You I find my peace
           In You I bend my knees
           You are Lord of heaven
           You shall reign in all the earth
           I humbly bow before Your majesty
           Now i will sing You praises and I will sing forever more
           I`m captivated by Your love in me

*(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat di lihat di Praise & Worship 4 Plus No. 61)

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Artist: True Worshippers
Title: Captivated
Album: Captivated
Genre: Other


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