True Worshippers Youth (TW Youth) - Here I Am

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HERE I AM                                         (Andre Hermanto & Arthur Sahetapy)
1=G  4/4  Rock Beat  Tempo=67-75    Album `Breathe` (TW Youth / 2006)

Here I am worshiping with my soul and my heart rejoices in You
`Cause You are my God, my Shelter
The tower of strenght all my days
All the things I can do it`s all because of You
There`s none of me, it`s all of You
So here I am worshiping You

    You are my God, You are my light
    Shine on me brightn so I can see Your way
    Teach me O, God to rest my self in You
    Lead me on, `till I find my way home to You

*(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat di lihat di Praise & Worship 4 Plus No. 105)

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Artist: True Worshippers Youth (TW Youth)
Title: Here I Am
Album: Breathe
Genre: Rock


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