Take Us Higher

True Worshippers (TW) - Take Us Higher

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TAKE US HIGHER                                   (Sidney Mohede)
1=A  4/4  Jazz Rock  Tempo=130-135      Album `Take Us Higher` (True Worshipper/2003)

Hear Yor generation, lift Your name across The Lord
Songs of adoration for the vict`ry in our hands
Take us higher than the stars into the sky above
As we live in purpose, Your glory is revealed

Reff :
    All the mountains lift their praise
    As Your children sing in faith
    And light the world and salt the earth to bring Your glory
    The songs of truth shall than be heard
    Your generation bless the world
    As Your take us ever higher
    To shine above the earth

*(Lagu dengan chord dan not Angka dapat dilihat di PW3 Plus No 281)

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Artist: True Worshippers (TW)
Title: Take Us Higher
Album: Take Us Higher
Genre: Rock


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