As Long As I Live

True Worshippers (TW) - As Long As I Live

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AS LONG AS I LIVE                            (Sidney Mohede)
1=A  4/4  8BeatRock  Tempo=70-80   Album `God Is Our Victory` (TW/Insight 2009)

Let me enter in Your place with all the weak and strong
And Young and old the rich and the poor and tired soul
Leave me worries on the floor and let my faith be strong
As I`m covered by Your grace abound and love so strong
Now I lay down my life to honor and worship in this place
And I`m down on my knees to bring this of fering and praise

Reff :
       Holy holy God almighty
       The earth be filled with peace and glory
       Mercy grace and love surround me
       Jesus savior my defender
       Your name be honored as long as i live

* (Lagu dengan not angka dan chord dapat dilihat di PW5 Plus No.30)

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Artist: True Worshippers (TW)
Title: As Long As I Live
Album: God Is Our Victory
Genre: Rock


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