All Power All Glory

True Worshippers (TW) - All Power All Glory

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ALL POWER ALL GLORY                     (Sidney Mohede)
1=G  4/4   Rock  Tempo=130-140  Album `God Is Our Victory` (TW/Insight 2009)   

I have seen Your Glory I have heard Your fame Lord
Now I stand in awe of all You`ve done
Your splendor`s like the sun rise power`s in Your hand`s
Now I will sing and shout of all You`ve done

Reff :
        All power all glory praises be unto Your forever
        My soul sings as I bring
        My life to worship You my majesty
Bridge :

      You alone You alone I will live  }4x
      I will move and my being        }4x

* (Lagu dengan not angka dapat dilihat di PW5 Plus No.14)

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Artist: True Worshippers (TW)
Title: All Power All Glory
Album: God is Our Victory
Genre: Rock


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