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BREATHE (LIFE FOR YOU)            (Shelvia Hendoro)
1=E  4/4  Rock  Tempo=122-127    Album `Breathe` (TW Youh / 2006)

Breathe in me so I can breathe Your name
Live in me so I can live You namw
Now I pray I want the world to know You
To see You in the awesome
Glory of Your name

Let them see that I am not the same
What You`ve done made me forever changed
Now I pray I want the world to see me
As the reason theycome to know that You are God

Reff :
           I wanna live for You
           I wanna breathe for You
           You are the reason I live
           I live fo You, I breathe for You, I sing to You

Bridge :
               Why would I live
               If I do`t live Your name
               Why would I breathe
               If I don`t breathe Your name

*(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat di lihat di Praise & Worship 4 Plus No. 56)

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Artist: True Worshipper
Title: Breathe (Life For You)
Album: Breathe
Genre: Rock


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