Hard To Find

Skillet - Hard To Find

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                            Album "Rise" (Skillet)

Turned on the TV yesterday
So much pain bleeding through I had to look away
But inside me the picture’s just the same
And every time I open up my eyes nothing seems to change

It never seems to change

               You give me faith to believe there’s a way
               To put the past finally behind me
               And hope to make it through another night
               You give me strength during these dark times when I’m blind
               You are my light when faith is hard to find

When faith is hard to find
Will you still hold on

Something woke me in the night
In the midst of the darkness I recognize the light
Now inside me the picture seems so clear
All the dying in my broken dreams is starting to appear

Starting to appear

(Back to Chorus)
Faith is hard to find

If I fall will you hold on to me
Through it all promise you won’t lose me
These days hope is hard to come by
And tonight I don’t know how I can’t survive

(Back to Chorus)

When faith is hard to find
Will you still hold on


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Artist: Skillet
Title: Hard To Find
Album: Rise
Genre: Other


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