Ruth Sahanaya - All My Days

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ALL MY DAYS                          (Rensis W, Alvi R, Iman Pongky P )
1=G 4/4 8 Beat Tempo=66-70   Album : `04:23` (The True Worshipper)

Give me heart to worship You give me heart to love You
Teach me Lord to number my days that i may place Your Heart
In all my days In all my days

Reff :
             For  You are worthy to receive glory
              To You My life I yield, I will bless You alll my days
              I lifts my hands to You, my life is Yours to use
              A living sacrifice be acceptable to You   

(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat dilihat di PW 2 plus no. 17)

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Artist: Ruth Sahanaya
Title: All My Days
Genre: Other


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