Let Me On

Planetshakers - Let Me On

Album Savior of The World - Genre: Rock - View 1241

"Lead Me On"   (Planetshakers)
1=C  4/4  Rock  Tempo=116          Album `Savior of The World` (Planrtshakers)

[Verse 1:]
God, in everything I do
I want to be like you
Jesus lead me on

[Verse 2:]
You make my life complete
Lamp unto my feet
Jesus lead me on

Everyday I`ll walk with you
I`ll be like you in everything I do
I just want to follow you
My God, my King
You are my everything

Everyday I`ll go your way
Jesus lead me on
Every step a step of faith
Jesus lead me on

I`m gonna follow you
I`m gonna follow you

(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat dilihat di PW 7 Plus)

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Artist: Planetshakers
Title: Let Me On
Album: Savior of The World
Genre: Rock


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