Mercy Me - Hold On

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HOLD ON       
                            Album "The Hurt And The Healer" (Mercy Me)

Ever have those times
When you feel so small
On a starry night
As you stand in awe

Have you climbed
To the mountain’s edge
And the world you find
Makes you catch your breath

Chorus :
    If you think that this
    Is the best that it can get
    Oh the wonder of it is
    You ain’t seen nothing yet
    (Just hold on Hold on)

It’s the butterflies
When she says I do
And a baby’s cry
In a world brand new

It’s the arms
That are holding you
And the moment when
All your dreams come true

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   The sweetest sound
   Yet to be heard
   Still you know you want to hear it more
   Oh we long
   Long to return
   To a home we’ve never seen before

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Artist: Mercy Me
Title: Hold On
Album: The Hurt And The Healer
Genre: Other


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