Luminate Band - Banner Of Love

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                                        Album `Welcome To Daylight` (Luminate)

There`s a fight between my heart and soul
When my pride tries to take control
It`s hard to see what I was meant to be
And we are
Living in a world without a cause
And there`s a me that seems impossible
But I can hear
I hear You calling me

    To raise a banner of love
    Up high in the city streets
    One hope for all the world to see
    Be my banner of love
    This love is the burning flame
    One voice crying out Your name
    You`re my banner of love
    You`re my banner of love

Only You can see my destiny
And only You can be the strength I need
‘Cause my life is Yours, God
So goodbye to pride and bitterness
I`m gonna live out my purpose
‘Cause Your life has shown me how
(to Chorus)

I want to show Your love
I want to lift You higher
I want to reach out and touch this world
We gotta reach out and love this world
We`re gonna bring Your love
We`re gonna lift You higher
We`re gonna reach out and love Your world

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Artist: Luminate Band
Title: Banner Of Love
Album: Welcome To Daylight
Genre: Other


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