Doen Moen - Tuhan Baik (God Is Good All The Time)

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TUHAN BAIK  ( God Is Good All The Time )         ( Don Moen & Paul Overstreet)
1=E    4/4   country  tempo=130-140                   Album worship revolution  project (Abba song)

Tuhan Baik stiap waktu Dia berikan pujian dalam hatiku
Tuhan Baik stiap waktu dalam kekelaman trangNya bersinar
Tuhan baik, Dia baik Tuhan baik Dia baik stiap waktu
                  Sekalipun berjalan dalam lembah kekelaman
                  Ku tak takut Dia memimpin dan menjagai diriku
                  Dan aku percaya

engl.  :     
God is good all the time, He put a song of Praise in this heart of mine                    
God is good all the time, through the darkest night will shine
God is good, God is good all the time
        If you`re walkin through the valley and there are shadows all around
        Don not fear He will guide you, He will keep you safe and sound
        He has promised to never leave you
        Nor forsake you and His Word is true

(lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat dilihat di PW 2 plus no.388)

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Artist: Doen Moen
Title: Tuhan Baik (God Is Good All The Time)
Genre: Other


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