I Asked The Lord

Djohan Handojo - I Asked The Lord

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I ASKED THE LORD                     (Lange Duncan)
1=C 6/8 Slow Rock Tempo=72    Album `Dia Berkata Ku Ada` (Djohan Handoyo/Symphony Music/2009)

1. I asked The Lord to comfort me
    When things are going my way
    He said to me "I will comfort Thee"
    And I`ll lift Your cares away

2. I asked The Lord to walk with me
    When darkness was all that I knew
    And He said to me "Never be afraid"
    And I will see You through

3. I thank The Lord for ev`rything
    I count my blessing each day
    He came to me when I needed Him
    I only had to pray

    I did not ask for riches
    He gave me wealth untold
    The moon, the stars, the sun, the sky
    Are there for me behold

    And He`ll come to you if you ask Him too
    He`s only a prayer away

*(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat dilihat di PW 6 Plus No. 87)

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Artist: Djohan Handojo
Title: I Asked The Lord
Album: Dia Berkata Ku Ada
Genre: Other


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