I Will Worship

Dewi Guna - I Will Worship

Album TentangMu - Genre: Beat - View 15235

    I WILL WORSHIP                       (Pengarang : Eka)
    1=D  4/4  8 Beat  Tempo=66-70  Album `TentangMu` (Dewi Guna/Maranatha 2007)

    I`m seeking your face longing for Your presence oh God
    To bring a sacrifice of praise to bless Your holy name

    Reff :
        I will praise You I will worship You
        With all my heart to say I love You
        I will praise You I will worship You (my Lord)
        I give You all my livfe to use For the glory of Your name

    ( Lagu dengan not angka dan chord dapat dilihat di buku Praise and Worship 5+ no 118)

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Artist: Dewi Guna
Title: I Will Worship
Album: TentangMu
Genre: Beat


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