Worship You Majesty

Chapel Music - Worship You Majesty

Album Higher Ground - Genre: Other - View 1912

1=F  4/4  8 Beat Tempo=72                                       Album `Higher Ground` (Chapel Music)

As we come into Your presence, as we bend our knees and pray
Seek Your face in thirst and hunger, only You can satisfy
The beauty of presence, makes us stand in awe of You

               We Worship You majesty , King of Glory
               Casting our crowns before Thee
               The one that worthy of praise and all the glory
               Jesus the lamb sacrificed for our sin
               Jesus the son rules and reigns in our life today

(Lagu dengan chord dan not angka dapat dilihat di PW 7 Plus)

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Artist: Chapel Music
Title: Worship You Majesty
Album: Higher Ground
Genre: Other


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